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Bizerba Scales

•bizerba is the leader in the retail world with its industrial and commercial scales, slicing and labeling services.

• Since 1866, it has always been very important for the weighing industry and has been a big company for 150 years.

• Users who prefer Bizerba are always one step ahead with their aesthetic appearance, durability and hygiene ...

Bizerba Scale Series


X Class

With touch screen usage, integrated barcode and plug printer represents the entry level of the High performance and PC based scales...

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K Class

Advanced system scales equipped with superior features such as PC-based touch screen technology and label plug ...

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M Class

Modern Self-Service Scales fully meet the needs.Stand and TableTop options ...

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System Class

Here is with 200,000 product memory, new and high quality keypad, powerful body and long printer thermal head life ...

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