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10 Suggestions For The Retail Industry After Covid-19!

Change is inevitable.
Retail will change. What awaits people after Covid-19? What should the retail industry do? Here are 10 suggestions.

• 1- Let's innovate in digitalization, multi-channel retail, e-commerce and in-store applications.

• 2- Let us mobilize you so that you can do all your business from the web, mobile or tablet.

• 3- Let's increase the payment channels. Are you ready for mobile payments, personal applications, contactless payment systems?

• 4- With the IoT-Internet of Things, let's make all your possibilities objectively focused and reduce your costs.

• 5- Let's turn all scales into PC based systems and eliminate unnecessary details.

• 6- Let's make shelf stock management and price control from one center to make it suitable for the target.

• 7- Let's activate customer-oriented CRM and personalization applications immediately.

• 8- Let's increase customer satisfaction on special days with the line hunter Q-Plug application.

• 9- Using the store staff in the most efficient way, let's turn it into a team that focuses on total profitability.

• 10-Let's let you manage all these operations efficiently in one center with "Myasoft Multi Channel Retail".

Line Hunter / Q-Receipt Application

Put an end to the lines at the cash points with its handy structure!

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Mobile Labeling

Now it's much easier to renew your labels!

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Mobilmen Self-Scanning

Shopping is now more practical and fun..

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ManPos Flat 32 Kiosk

Meet Your Customers with Innovation and Convenience in Your Restaurants!

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PopUp Exspress Cashpoint

With Its Convenient Structure, Put An End To The Queues In The Cash Register!

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SelfPos60 Self Checkout System

Solve The Time Problems Of Your Customers In The Retail Industry!

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MyaHawk(Cashier Hawk-eye System)

MyaHawk prevents operational inefficiencies and minimizes losses.

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Finish Plastic Customer Cards!

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Provide convenience to your customers with Kiosk.

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Weigh Your Products With Self Service Scales!

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