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Software Development

• AdamPos develops appropriate software considering problems of “Retail and Food&Beverage” sectors for companies.

• The Topics Of Developed Software:





• Services

• REPORT DESIGNS: The implementation of recommendations depends to workload of Adampos.Extra payment can be done According to form and qualification of reports.

• ENTEGRATIONS: E-Invoice Entegration,E-Document Entegration,E-Archive Entegration,State Automation System Integration,E-Commerce Website Integration,"Yemek Sepeti" Integration,Integration with Existing Software

• Our Expert Software Team follow these steps for software process:

• Software Requirements Analysis,

• Software Design,

• Software Development and Test,

• Yazılım Bakım ve Onarımı aşamalarını dikkate alarak,takip edilen adımlar sayesinde ve işletmelerin istekleri doğrultusunda gereken önlemleri almaktadır.

Software Development

Software Requirements Analysis

  • Nowadays,requirements which related with software functionality is changing constantly.
  • Supply of software components is provided as a result of flowchart which is defined in the business analysis and is created according to customer's demand.
  • Müşterilerimizin talepleri onaylanmadan önce aşağıda belirtilen kriterler dikkate alınmaktadır:
    • Recommendations should be suitable to the general functioning and aim of the system.
    • Recommendations should be suitable for fiscal status,
    • Additional modules are purchased at any time except for the content of the main package of Myasoft and module will be installed to the main package of Myasoft,
    • Application which need to install to Myasoft should be provide mutual benefits to users,
  • Recommendations will be evaluated correctly through experience and knowledge of Adampos .Adampos’ goal is that providing of continuous and healthy development of our products.All of the decisions are gived by Adampos.

Software Design

  • Software design is the process by which an agent creates a specification of a software artifact, intended to accomplish goals, using a set of primitive components and subject to constraints.
  • We pay attention following steps at the design stage :
    • Preparation according to individual demand and have not useless plugins,
    • Having a simple and clear user interface
    • Inclusion of important module of program interface according to the customer's demands and needs and it is user-friendly.

Software Develeopment and Test

  • After analysis and design phase completed,testing,coding and setup phases are performed.
  • Necessary testing is done on the system after the coding process is completed.The beta version of the software is distributed to demanding users,allows to testing of software.Users examine program and they provide feedback to AdamPos's Software Team according to situation

Software Maintenance

  • It must be added to the software lifecycle of the maintenance process for bugs, new requests and demands in the future.
  • After the project is completed ,this process is ongoing for requests,bug fixes, new modules which will be added to the project.

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