Self Service Systems

• Today, self-service systems are inevitable for retail, food and beverage and fuel sectors..

• With these systems, you can reduce your number of employees to a minimum and reduce your overhead costs.

• In addition, by providing self-service, you give your customers in a hurry a quick payment.

• Waiting in line is a negative experience for customers. As some of the data passes through self checkout systems, other customers can move faster than normal lines.

Sector Components

Self Checkout Systems

End Rows at Cash Points, Meet Technology!

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Self Ordering(Fast-Food,Restaurant)

Your customers can place an order and make the payment quickly!

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MyaCard Electronic Card

End Plastic Cards, Say Hi to Electronic Cards!

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Self Service Fuel Pay Point

No More Waiting and Confusion in Fuel Oil Payment!

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MyaScale Office Pos - Bizerba

Customers Can Make Fruit and Vegetable Weighing!

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Mobilmen12 Self-Scanning

Now, shopping is much more enjoyable and practical.

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MyaKiosk Kiosk App

Make Your Customers Easy!

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Shopping is Now More Practical, Fun, Fast and Hygienic!

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