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Consultancy&Project Management

• It continues to grow around the world with special services offered to project,innovative approaches,differentiated structure according to customer needs.

• Our goal is that working customer-focused, providing customer satisfaction and realizing right business processes and analysis with effective project management.

• We identify technological infrastructure which matches with the specific needs of different sectors & companies and the most accurate software requirements.Our goal is that reaching to intended targets with appropriate budget on time.

Our solution approach for business continuity that is:

• Not product-oriented,being process-oriented,

• Not reactive,being proactive,

• Not based components,working integrated.

Content of Consultancy & Project Management

Retail Consulting

  • Our expert consultants perform the necessary analysis and determine a road map after they learn company's history reports and costomer demand with experience which is gained for many years in retail sector.
  • First of all,we do all necessary works for providing of right flowchart according to principles of productivity of the first day.
  • Necessary works are done such as Corporate constitution,Corporate Hierarchical Management Chart,,Flowchart Plans,Monitoring of Business Process,empowerment and delegation of authority.
  • After works which are such as Unit, Department, Category are done,officials and staff roles are determined.
  • Required training is given in terms of units for managers and staff.
  • It is performed Supply chain, Procurement Processes and logic,costing, profitability analysis,accounting and reporting processes.

Training and Business Process Management

  • Based on information and an analytical process are drawn with each customer's requirements and a structure which can be vary according to the type of business during training and business process management.
  • Necessary definitions are done according to these determined procedures.Therefore, adaptation process are reduced.for this system which is defined according to needs of business.
  • Well-defined business processes, increasing productivity and desired targets will become easier as a result of the training that is given according to this processes.
  • We realize following steps with our customers:
  1. 1-Modules which is purchased by our customer in Myasoft program is matched with active field.Then, data entry screens are identified in Myasoft program.
  2. 2-Related fields are filled in “General Parameters” part of Myasoft program according to operation that will be applied to the customer.
  3. 3-Users which will use Myasoft program is detected and authority of Myasoft users is defined with the customer.(MYASOFTSYS.exe)
  4. 4-Product tree is created according to the customer's operations.Product card which is in this tree is opened with the customer.if customers will use the General Accounting Module ,this fiction can vary according to the uniform chart of accounts.
  5. 5-Current, costs, expenses, service, cashier, staff, etc. cards are opened together with the customer.11. if customers will use the General Accounting Module,this fiction can vary according to the uniform chart of accounts.
  6. 6-When card transactions configured,configuring of card transactions will continue considering of work schedule of the cashier nd promotions which will be applied at the store.
  7. 7-After cards are identifed,training will be provided for recording of all processes in Myasoft Program.(invoices such as Purchase, Sales, Costs, Expenses and if there are e-invoice and e-document,necessary procedures will be done.
  8. 8-Center office and store are monitoring as online and It is given the necessary training to manage of the store.
  9. 9-As a result of the completion of active progress, training of integration processing is given for general accounting.(For only customer which uses generel accounting module.
  10. 10-After completion all of the transaction,training of reports which is in Myasoft Program is given.Report design can be arrangeable is according to customer demand.

Business Analysis and Reporting

  • Every companies has different needs in retail and food&beverage sector.So, before starting a project as AdamPos,we perform right analysis and we want to identify accurately existing structure and bring to the highest level the value of company. Thus,we struggle to improve your processes with right strategy.
  • As a result of defined right analysis and flowcharts, we report this structure.Therefore, we help you to follow process of project easily.
  • We apply the following steps for business analysis and Reporting Process;
  1. 1-Software part takes role definitions and conceptual level in life cycle.Actions determined such as:
    • How to handle of all process,
    • Which variables will be affected,
    • What needs to change in the accounting,
    • How to be a new design of screen.
  2. 2-It is used tools such as Visual Analysis models (diagrams), prototypes or simulations and so needs are determined,
  3. 3-UML Modelling is done,
  4. 4-Documentation and reporting sections are performed,
  5. 5-Test scenario is genererated,
  6. 6-Technological developments are followed,research is done on methods with software development tools.New developments are followed.Consequently, the whole process would be seen from different angles.

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