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• The Peripherals that we offer to our customers have been developed to make POS systems more efficient.Peripherals are pos system solutions which have different functional features for the needs of the different sectors.

• we allow businesses to make more functional sales with a various of hardware options such as Fax printer, kitchen printer, barcode printer, keyboard, cash drawers, barcode readers and keyboard.

• You can learn the details by examining peripherals that need your company from the following section.

Sektör Bileşenleri

thermal printer

Thermal Printer

Thermal Printer Options with Ease of Use, Fast and Accurate Printing Technique

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Barcode reader

Barcode Scanners

Fast and Reliable Barcode Reading Performance with Handheld and Table Type Options

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kitchen display system

Kİtchen Display System

Kitchen Display Systems Providing Flawless Communication Between Kitchen and Service Personnel

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handheld terminal

Hand-Held Terminal

High Performance Handheld Terminals which provide Ease of Use

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cash drawer

Cash Drawers

Compact and Functional Cash Drawer Developed According to Highest Standards

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cash management

Cash Management

Cash Payment System that minimizes all security vulnerabilities

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Pos Server

Pos Server Professional Desktop PC

POS Server is an ideal platform for Retail Hardened POS solutions.

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Mobile Printers

Quickly and easily print receipts, labels, and all your documents instantly with the mobile printer.

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cagri sistemleri

Waiter & Customer Calling System

Perfect Helper for Restaurants and Cafe,GRAB and GO ! NO Yelling, LESS Trouble and Chaos,

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Technopole is a great design that allows full ergonomics for point of sale!

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