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New Generation Payment Systems

What is the New Generation Systems?

• New Generation Payments Systems is that combination of the cash register and EFT-POS systems and approving their technical specification by Revenue Administraion.

New Generations Systems User Requirements

• Every retail and food&beverage sector must have new generation payment systems(electronic terminals, cash register and the scales with a printer device) according to Law No. 3100 of the Revenue Administraion.According to the draft prepared by The Revenue Administraion,It will be a gradual transition to new generation systems since January 1, 2016.Gradual transition is as follows:

• Companies which have annual revenue under the 150 thousand Turkish Liras will start on 01.01.2018 in Turkey,

• Companies which have annual revenue between 150 and 500 thousand Turkish Liras will start on 01.10.2016 in Turkey,

• Companies which have annual revenue between 500 thousand-1 million Turkish Liras will start on 01.07.2016 in Turkey,

• Companies which have annual revenue more than 1 million Turkish Liras will start on 01.04.2016 in Turkey.

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New Generation Payments Systems Models

toshiba 4610-2NF

TOSHIBA 4610-2NF Payment System

All fiscal process of your company can be edited with a single printer through Toshiba 4610 fiscal printer 2NF.Your job will be easier than before with exceptional print speed and perfect design through the new generation.

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ingenico iwe280,ingenice ide280

Ingenico IWE280/IDE280 Payment Systems

Ingenico IWE 280/IDE 280 New Generation EFT-POS System can communicate with other new generation payment systems.This new generation payment system provides both a new perspective and provide rapid sales opportunities.

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Profilo S900 ECR Payment System

Profilo S900 ECR Payments System

Profilo VX-680 E1 EFT-POS System is designed according to new generation security standart and it is compatible with other new generation systems.Also,it will be new star of your company with robust and elegant structure.

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ManPos Classic

Solution of eArchive

Recognize the ManPos eArchive solution and take advantage of it.

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