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MyaTag (In-Store Display System)

• MyaTag Mağaza İçi Display Sistemi ile işletmenizde zamanında güncellenemeyen bilgileri hızlı bir şekilde merkezden sağlayabileceksiniz.

• Your job will be easier than before through MyaTag Office and MyaTag Pos software with VP 715 (15 inch) and VP 719 (19 inch) Pos solutions...

• Both you will manage your store easily and you will get rid of from unnecessary costs through our in-store pos solutions

• Increasing of in-store productivity and customer satisfaction will move you one step ahead in your business...

MyaTag Mağaza İçi Display Sistemi Kullanım Alanları

Electronic Price Label

Your job will be easier than before with combination of display system for in-store and automatic price management .Our systems is integrated with MyaTag Office & MyaTag Pos softwares and Genius software ,also it brings online price and product information to system. Beside of your customers can follow information of your product easily throught this system,you will not need extra staff.

Digital Advertising

Nowadays ,media and advertising system has an disorganized structure.Because of this complex contents, it brings about environmental pollution in the most areas. Advertise of your products will be shown with single display through pos terminal which will be put to the begining of product section.Sales information,discount campaigns,animated content and videos, announcements about product of products which are shown on the display reach to your customer easily in seconds.Also,outdated advertising will update easily from a single center and paper costs will be terminated by this system and software.

State Registration System

Our system is integrated with state registration system and state registration system has ID for every product. This ID is brought automatically from system.Thus,both you do not need to waste paper for ID number which must be written for every each product and your staff does not have to follow the current product.Moreover,information of all of your products are brought from a single center and you don't have to kill your time.

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