myares restaurant system and software

MyaRes Restaurant Pos Software

• MyaRes is a pos software that will be used with confidence for cash register,kitchen and service operations and supports multiple sales environment and in food and beverage industry.

• Being quick, get the right order and give a complete service is very important for enterprises that have very dense circulation.Providing quality and good service bring earnings and customer satisfaction directly. Therefore,MyaRes is a pos solution that thinks all of the necessary configurations.

• MyaRes is a pos software that can run with IBM SurePos 500 fiscally.It offers solutions that is suitable with all operations for whether in a single location or chain enterprises in food and beverage industry.

• MyaRes is used as safely and pratically in many companies.Therefore, waiters and cashiers can learn it easily. Cost savings and significant time is provided through this feature.

• Adampos have produced business solutions for your business through their local and global experiences since 1995 . Assimilating your business’ basis dinamics and converting of these basis dinamics to innovation are goal of Adampos.So,if you want to work with real professional, your choice should be MyaRes solution.

MyaRes Specification

Standart Features

You can manage various operations such as restaurant management, waiter and services operations, tracking of cashier and waitress, tracking of customer, table reservations, accelerating of the kitchen process and quality service,improving of waiter performance.Moreover,MyaRes Pos Solution supports all of the sales process such as fast food,service to table,à la carte service, package service, sales which is maden with scales,barcoded sales.

"Tüm İçtur" Integration

Our MyaPos Pos Cash register software is integrated with "Tüm İçtur" and is suitable for use in Istanbul Airport.


Food and beverage sectors can have some problems about data losses and abuse. So MyaRes has been designed with high-level security concept.Myares provides to control about generation of authority hierarchy, cancellations and refunds with smard card,MSR card or cards which is supported by NFC for all of the process.Also,it prevents losses of system . If you have some problems,Adampos team will be provide customer support.


MyaRes has a simple interface in order to be learned easily by personnel.Size of products are set such as small or large size by MyaRes software. Color of buttons can be set whatever your company wants. You can use product images on buttons ,In addition to these ,you can have information about product price and information of sold/unsold of products.

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