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MyaReport Business Intelligence & Performance Management

• You can take decisions quickly and safely about ever-changing business requirements of your company...

• MyaReport is a reporting program that helps to right management of your business process in past,present and the future for business intelligence and performance Management.

• When your company grows, data entry also increases and collection of information which spreads to different layers is difficult.Therefore, if companies want to grow your business ,reaching to accurate information is very important.

• You can do easily company's strategic and tactical analysis on the charts and tables that is formed with rational calculation methods and data which is in database system and you can reach to right information on time.So you can increase the productivity of your business with consistent reports which is generated about performance of your business.

• You can take real decisions rather than forecast decisions for important processes such as business development, cost reduction, improvement of business processes, accurate positioning of the product, gains or losses situations.Therefore,you can take precautions against the risks which will meet in your business.

• You can apply necessary filters without the need technical staff.Also,you can convert all reports to Excel or PDF format.Therefore,if you want,you can send report as e-mail to another people.

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