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MyaCenter Back Office Software

• MyaCenter is a back office software which is developed for corporate companies about safe and planned management of the business processes.

• Myacenter is the biggest supporter about efficient usage of all your resource in your company. Also, it improves skills, contribution to business processes and performance of units.

• If the reports are expired,these information that is learned from report will not benefit for your business . Myacenter provides the possibilities to use these information as a business weapon with mental cube decision support system whenever you want.

• Myacenter is as a business weapon.It strengthens inter-departmental coordination and provide to give a right decision . Also, it helps to become aware of your power and resources without IT’s investment as a third party.

• Click for detailed information about MyaCenter CRM Application!

All developments of the Myasoft V3 Multi Channel Retail solution are developed according to the mentality of Multichannel Retail and Web from Mobile to Tablet. No application without these basic principles has no place in the near future. Catch the near future with Myasoft V3 Multi Channel Retail.
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MyaCenter Specification

Purchasing Management

Myasoft presents exceptional opportunities for increasing profitability and acceleration of business processes towards ever-increasing competition and cost pressures. Myasoft Purchasing Module that has a fully integrated architecture has a reliable structure with the right product, right resources,right amount,best price and delivering of products at the right time to locations.It has a fully integrated architecture present high priority feature for effective procurement processes and helps to realize cost savings .

Sales Management

The effective management of the sales process is a struggle whether easy or complicated .Many factors effect the sales process and regulation of these processes sometimes can create some problems.Myasoft Sales Management Module provides effective and easy management for all sales processes.Traceability of all documents,control of products and amount and integration relations with other elements in the system will increase your speed.

WareHouse Management

Acceptance of right product and making dispatching operations correclty are so important for warehouse’ input and ouput operations .Supplier contracts, their orders and all of the system should contain online and automated business processes.When orders enter to Myasoft system ,shippings are managed via handheld teminal.Also, acceptance of controlled products can be made via orders, delivery notes, invoices or current account.

Retail Sales Management

Your business is one step ahead constantly with Myasoft about development of Chain stores product / service strategy ,providing of the category and shelf management’s effectiveness ,planning and management of the retail market and monitoring of business process .

Store Management

Stores that show activity in the retail sector need to achieve sustainable success and manage their company correctly because of increasing of competitiveness and decreasing of profitability . An effective store management and responding to customers' requests quickly is necessary for improving customer satisfaction.At this point, Myasoft provides taking a right decision quickly to authority of store with accurate information and participant business processes . Also, most operations are carried out automatically and you have a module which is run smoothly and managed remotely without need to IT personel.

Restaurant Management

Restaurant management is an office procedures that is managed with sharing knowledge of operations such as product acceptance and customer relations.You can manage your sheet of demand, product acceptance status, stock plugs, your performance,count operations and restaurant reports easily through this module which enables secure execution of restaurant sales transactions.This function that serves to various restaurants will help you to have full control of your business.

Fuel Station Management

Myasoft fuel station management software has features to meet all the needs of your station.Also compatible with stations with multiple branches Myasoft fuel station module also addresses other sectors managed by the corporate.You can follow stations or stations from one program thanks to the back office pre-accounting management and market integration.You can connect to the program from anywhere on the internet without being connected to your station thanks to this software.

Franchise Management

You can manage all of your franchise and departments easily through Franchise Management Module. You'll find answers to all questions like product type, product quantity, product price with franchise management system which is between central and department.This management module which helps to improving of franchise management eliminates problems of processes such as production, delivery, pre-accounting processes,orders that comes from your deparments.Therefore, ou will be taken under the control of business processes as effectively and efficiently.

Financial Management

Nowadays,increasing of profitability and success of businesses are provided by effective financial management .Financial Managemet is too important in terms of monitoring and transferring of right informations for risk management.through financial management module.You can benefit from detailed reporting feature of all banks,cash register,defination of current accounts,cheque and bill transactions,invoices and expenses.So,control of business processes is provided easily.

General Accounting Management

General Accounting Management is like the center of the company's document system.All financial transactions data are combined here.Outgoing expenses are controlled or checked order payment receiptsthrough data such as purchase orders, receipts or order receipts.So you can manage your company easily and securely.Also,you can perform follow quickly for all of the transactions.


Myasoft solutions supports E-Government processes such as E-Invoice,E-Ledger and E-Archive.And these all of the processes were approved by the department of revenue administration.Please click here to get detailed information about the e-government process !

myacenter management software

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