Create Modern Environments at Checkout Points with New Generations Tablet Solutions!

• Choosing the right POS technology is of great importance for Clothing, Textile and Non-Food retailing.

• Today's merchandising systems; It simplifies all processes. It has to contribute to your competitiveness with its investment and usage costs.

• It has to be the initial investment cost. But investing in the right system has become more important in terms of operating costs and sustainability.

• At this point, we, as AdamPos, have not compromised on quality and durability, both in terms of initial investment and operating costs. We have developed Poseidon Point-of-Sale systems and IOS and Android point-of-sale solutions for you.

• Product variation definitions: color, size, season tracking,

• Store, warehouse separation and location-oriented stock operations, live stock monitoring with multiple location definitions,

• The most suitable system for today's e-Commerce structure, thanks to chain store management,

• Connection with all e-Commerce channels with API connections,

• Non-cyclical operation thanks to its high-level database,

• Easy installation and easy operation thanks to the ability to work with IOS and Android,

• Ability to continue operations when there is no internet connection, thanks to its ability to work offline,

• Ability to manage customer analysis and customer relations with advanced CRM,

• Operating expenses and expense tracking,

• Profit/loss tracking with annual report, detailed and product-oriented profitability tracking with advanced reports,

• Instant sales and detail tracking.

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Sector Components

surepos 500 pos terminali

Poseidon Point of Sale

New Generation Tablet Point of Sale Software

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yeni nesil sistemler,yeni nesil ökc sistemi

New Generation Point of Sale

Fiscal pos systems which is Long-life, quality and approved new generation

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Kiosk Systems

Applications that support sales and enhance customer satisfaction in Retail Sector.

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Self Checkout Systems

End Rows at Cash Points, Meet Technology!

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Mobilmen12 Self-Scanning

Now, shopping is much more enjoyable and practical.

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Shopping is Now More Practical, Fun, Fast and Hygienic!

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