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Genius II Supermarket Point of Sale Software

• Genius II: Sofware which is move your business to the future

• Introducing Genius by POS A.Ş. to the retailers, a software developed and launched with a solid foundation in the needs and expectations of the customers. Genius is a financially approved, high-performance software package which is capable of meeting all demands of retail businesses; it is suitable for retailers of any size with its rich set of functions. Its most important features are easy store management, online and offline operation, security features, advanced promotion and campaign support, coupon voucher and loyalty card modules

• In general,Genius POS is sales program which runs on the POS device and Genius OFFICE is a software that perform functions such as control and reporting .Genius 2 includes both Genius POS and Genius OFFICE

• It is choice of professional companies such as supermarket sectors

• It presents compact-use feature through modular structure

Genius II Pos Specifications

Standard Features

  • Barcode, stock code, department code, defined key, short code, keyboard input, sales with alphanumeric stock code
  • Automatic invoice support & switching from receipt to invoice and versa during sales
  • Diplomatic sales and tax-free support
  • Consignment sales support
  • DCS sales support for the textiles
  • Reimbursement over the cash register with a note of expenses, thus providing stock control and easy cash register conformity
  • Calculating the total amount by dividing the initial total amount by the unit price
  • Automatic invoice support at the receipt limi
  • Price check support with and without sales transaction
  • Scales support
  • Offline and online sales features
  • Automatic sales information back-up on the register
  • Double–sided messages between cash register and server
  • Magnetic card reader support
  • 24/7 sales support
  • Sales at the register via vendor code
  • Inventory at the register (products in the store may be counted on the register. This will be quite economical for small businesses. Certain product groups, shelves or departments can be counted)
  • EFT-POS, Embeded POS: EFT connection with banks over the register


  • Genius creates a more secure platform with its broad authorization functions based on users, registers and transactions. It minimizes error because most transactions/calculations are performed automatically by the system. It allows you to centrally monitor and manage your users and your devices.
  • Genius provides a safer platform about usage of cash register and broad-based empowerment transaction. Most of the process / calculations can be performed automatically by the system .So this situation will minimize errors.You can monitor and manage both your users and your devices from central system


  • EFT-POS entegration
  • Myapos was tested by IBM and IBM gave degree as ready for IBM.Therefore, Myapos is full compatability with all of the IBM products

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