cash management system

Cash Management System

• Cash Management is a payment system that minimizes all security vulnerabilities and allows your customers to make quick sales.

• According to latest studies, about 90% of retailers don't have a system that manages cash in a safe and effective way. Commercial activities with an effective cash management solution benefit of higher profits, lower costs, higher safety and a more effective sale process.

• Many shops manage their cash money manually and this makes their activities vulnerable to calculation mistakes, cash shorts and thefts' risks. Cash manual handling diverts time to the staff penalizing the service and the attention toward the end customer.

MyaPos Specifications


  1. The money can be handled safely because it's not visible or accessible
  2. All transactions are paid for
  3. Control of fake bills and coins
  4. Complete removal of shortages caused by calculation mistakes
  5. Registration of all the transactions with pefect balancing of accounts
  6. LED managed bills and coins input system
  7. Drawers system with internal safety for money protection
  8. Coins and bills deposit in locked and replaceable compartments
  9. Hygiene warranty for the staff who doesn't touch the money
  10. The drawer can be fixed to the counter
  11. Ergonomic design and easy to install

Technical Features

  • Collection speed:3 coins/second
  • Issuing speed: 12 coins/second
  • Maximum capacity: 2500 coins, 1500 distributor + 1000 deposit module
  • Pos EntegrationIt can be connected with any POS program compatible with Windows operative system
  • Dimension32.5 (L) x 37.5 (P) x 47.5 (A)
  • Weight:30 Kg

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