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Our Mission

• Adam Retail System Corporation was established in 1995 in order to provide intelligent business solutions about “Store Automation”.Nowadays,Adampos is partnership with the world's largest companies in order to offer the world's preferred quality to companies.ERP solutions of Myasoft Business Solution were begun to sell to international markets in 2008 by Adampos.Adampos is one of the most important business software producer and solution provider.We help to all of the retail sectors which want to be successful.Adampos offers solutions which reduce costs, increase revenue and productivity for point of sale and back office management in point of sale (POS) markets since 1995.Nowadays, everything is changing in retail industry and so Adampos have generated better, more quality, more competitive solutions. So efficiency is increased about work methods of users and companies and educative ERP have generated .Nowadays, commercial life have developed fastly in retail industries.At this point,Myasoft changes your perspective on your business and it allows you to create different worlds in retail sector. When you buy a business Management Software,you don’t know what you need and don’t determine a strategy for after six months.Myasoft determines all the processes before that you need and it finds intelligent solutions to needs of customers for your company.Myasoft is the fastest way in order to be refresh yourself.This situation is not a fashion ,it is a requirement for your company.Therefore you should accept this situation.

Our Vision

• Our software is constantly updated thanks to requests and suggestions which come from our customers to meet the needs of companies in the all sectors. We will continue to provide 24/7 service as AdamPos Support Team,we will continue to provide 24/7 service to minimize the problems that occur during peak times in the restaurant and retail sector.

• Certification and Our Business Partner

• TSE service qualification certificate

• ISO9001 Management Standart

• Ready for IBM

• Toshiba Business Partner

• IBM Business Partner

• Bizerba Partner

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Our AdamPos Support Team is at your service 24/7 !

You can email to helpdesk@adampos.com for your questions and requests or you can reach us from 0 850 225 30 60 phone number.

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  • Telephone: +90 850 225 30 60
  • HR: info@adampos.com
  • Marketing: pazarlama@adampos.com
  • HelpDesk: helpdesk@adampos.com
  • Support Call: ABIYS B2C