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MyaHawk (Cashier Hawk-eye System)

• We have developed MyaHawk System in order to prevent losses of retailers.

• Myahawk record audio video image of cashier during 20 sec ego of sales and after 20 sec of sales and sales time .

• If you want, you can also watch the video of this sales.Therefore you can compare number of products on receipt,number of products which are scanned with barcode system, number of products on checkout scale with receipt

• MyaHawk prevents optional inefficiencies and minimizes losses.

MyaHawk Cashier Hawk-Eye System Specification

Efficient Reporting

You can monitor critical sales.Critical sale is that exit of customers from store without receipt .For instance, control of the sale of cigarettes etc…

Cart Reports

You can follow shopping details in the store according to the cart average.

Smart Reports

Myasoft gives recommendations to you about examination of suspect sales as daily, weekly, monthly through mind cuber.

Regular Reports

It is always possible to monitor according to desired criterias with using all of the infrastructure of Myasoft such as store,cash register,cashier,product groups,departmants.

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