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MobilMen El Terminali Yazılımı

• We have revolutionized about mobile technology .Also, we offer some solutions which will reduce your costs and change your business processes.

• Therefore, information will be stored correctly and reached to it on time .Applications will provide analyzing of data besides data entry applications whatever you want.Applications will provide to analyze of data on mobile media besides data input with these solutions.

MobilMen Serisi

MobilMen70 Store and Warehouse Applications

Mobillite is a essential need of retail industry due to its contributions to business processes and productivity.Mobilmen50 and Mobilmen70 application software can run both online and offline and it provides opportunities about supply of retail needs and increasing of the efficiency of all business processes.

MobilMen30 Restaurant Table Services Applications

Modern restaurants that want to give service quickly prefer handheld terminal applications for tracking addition.Therefore, all communication between the service staff and kitchen are actualized in seconds.Restaurants which use Mobilmen30 said that satisfaction of customers increased.

MobilMen20 Out of Office Area Applications

You can always reach to all infrastructure information of MyaCenter and MyaStore products for management and improved customer experience through Mobilmen 20
Mobilmen 20 can be designed according to your company through compatible structures of your iphone and blackberry

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