Fuel Module

•Myasoft Fuel Station Management Module,

Myasoft fuel station management software has features to meet all the needs of your station. Also compatible with stations with multiple branches Myasoft fuel station module also addresses other sectors managed by the corporate. You can follow stations or stations from one program thanks to the back office pre-accounting management and market integration. You can connect to the program from anywhere on the internet without being connected to your station thanks to this software.

Module Specifications

Standart Specifications

• Store / Supermarket Management

• Inventory Reset and Counting Operations

• Instant inventory follow-up

• Instant current follow-up/p>

• External Data Integration

• Shift Summary

• Intensity Calculation

• E-Devlet Integration(E-Fatura, E-Arşiv, E-Defter)

• Provides automatic billing in Current Fuel Sales.

• Enables monitoring of current fuel sales.

• Cash,Credit Card Payment

• Credit/debt maturity follow-up

• Provides automatic billing in Car/TTS Sales

• Cash Register,Pump,Pistol,Tank Identification

• Credit Card follow-up

• All reports from the enterprise finance to the purchase are sent via Web,CellPhone-SMS.

• Business is tracked live from mobile phone via MobilMen20T.

• View Reports In Excel

• Manual counter monitoring, Z balance

• View station and market sales in the same report

• Speeding Up Purchasing Processes and High Quality Services


Fuel management system has been designed with a high level security approach.If any problems arise, the Adampos team will be with you through customer support.


Myacenter Fuel Management Systemis very convenient for the personnel to learn and has a simple interface.Users can easily access and understand sales reports,cost analyses,turnover reports,day-end reports.

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