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Elektronic Shelf Label

• More stores than 5000 in the 47 countries create innovation with electronic shelf label for their companies. So companies got rid of unnecessary business processes.

• If price on cash register and price on shelf are different from each other, customers have pessimistic about your company.Therefore , retailers fall into institutionalized status.This problem is solved by Electronic shelf label.

• You can change prices and information of hundreds of products for all of your stores in 10 minutes from central store.

• Everything is displayed on the screen. Paper stickers are no longer needed thus eliminating the risk of errors associated with manual price change and optimize processes while reducing wasted resources. A wide range of display sizes, in color for the first time ever.

• You can review the following products to learn more about Electronic Shelf Label Models:

Elektronic Shelf Label

g1 retail tag electronic shelf label

G1 Retail Tag

Tag labels LCD TFT technology (graphics that display HD pixel) provides a high-quality image through multiscreen display and high speed.In addition to these,it optimizes operational efficiency in the store.

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g tag s elektronik raf etiketi

G-Tag S

The dynamic and interactive label. The G-Tag S is able to manage animated data sequences which can be adapted to any sales scenarios.

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s tag plus elektronik raf etiketi

S-Tag +

Enhance operational management of the store with features such as automatic price management to retail sectors, high bandwidth and dynamic display.

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